October 2011

October 2011 
Words from the Grand Master
Hello Dojo Family!
     It is exciting to see all of the growth and progress of our Kohai at My B.A.D. Training Center. I am so proud of everyone’s hard work and diligent effort in taking ownership of Nikidokai and developing thier art. 
     There are many students in the martial arts. Very few will ever become Masters of their selves…very few. They do not understand the Dojo within themselves. This Dojo Within You is not a mere concept. It is life at its fullest. 
Your inner dojo is carried with you at all times and accessed at your will. You take it to work with you. You access it on your commute from one destination to another.
  This is where the doors close to all the chaos of the world. This is where you gather clarity and tranquility, where, for even a brief moment, you draw the shades and leave troubles and worries to where you found them. You collect inner peace, strength, fuel and knowledge to handle the day to day struggles of life.  At anytime and any place your inner dojo will serve you. 
In Unity,
Dojo Within You
Often, I am asked, “What is a dojo?”  In Japanese, it translates, “a place of the way.” We all have a “way” or “path” in our lives. Some of us are walking it out, some of us are seaking it out and others had it figured out but veered off somewhere and they are trying to find the way back. 
     The mistake many of us make is working on the outside to fill the void that is on the inside. We should be working on the inside first and the outside will take care of itself. For example, if you have an anger problem, some would try not to react in anger so that, on the outside, the problem is seemingly gone. If the problem stems from low self-esteem or low confidence, it will surely resurface. Now, if you change your beliefs about yourself and began to build that confidence within you, you wont be so angry anymore and the reactions will just stop. The way to have lasting success with anything, is to work from the inside first.
     In Nikidokai, we often say that we will help you create the Dojo Within You. The truth is, it is a process of self discovery. 
     The “Dojo within you” is already there, inside you. It’s a process of digging away the mess, negativity, fear and insecurity inside you, that weighs you down and controls your reactions to the world around you, to uncover and reveal the purest, untainted version of yourself. 
     The true you with limitless potential, unstoppable drive and unquenchable passion for life can only be revealed by you. Your Nikidokai simply shows you a way to focus and find what is already there. It is your personal “dojo” that brings you the balance you need to reach your untapped potential. It is the place within you where you put to work all that you have learned, where you focus in on your priorities, where you internalize life and create the vision of your ideal future. It is your center, your peace, your inner-self that is not found in the physical body but in the strength of your will to fullfill your God-given purpose. 
Fitness Tips to Live by
Aerobics Anyone?
    If the first thing that popped into your head was an 80’s video with everyone wearing spandex and leg warmers, then let me help your mental image of aerobics. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and increases your heart rate.”
Why is it so important?
Well, it does many things on the cellular level which result in prolonging your life and building endurance. 
The following are just a few of the benefits:
– Strengthens the muscles involved in breathing.
– Strengthens and enlarges the heart muscle, to improve pumping and reduce your resting heart rate (aerobic conditioning)
– Strengthening muscles throughout the body
– Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure
– Increases the amount of red blood cells in the body which helps transport oxygen throughout the body
– Improves mental health
– Reduces stress 
– Lowers the incidence of depression
– Reduces the risk for diabetes.
– Burns body fat, while building leaner muscle.
Has your weight loss plateued?
Even though you are exercising regularly, if you are not adding the proper amount of cardio to your life, you will eventually plateau and thats no fun. If you have plateaued on your weight loss, ask yourself a few questions:
1. Am I incorporating enough cardio into my daily routine?
2. Am I drinking enough water? 
3.  Am I giving my body enough nutrient dense food?
If you can say yes to these questions, then you are on your way to a leaner, fitter body and a richer, longer and healthier life.

September 2011

September 2011
Words From the Grand Master
Hello Dojo Family!
     Its amazing how fast this year has gone by. Much has been learned but there is still so much more to learn. The master of the dojo can only light the fire; it is the student who must carry the torch. There is a path for which the masters will guide you on. The master cannot just explain the path, the students must walk the path themselves. This always begins but never ends in the dojo.
   Training is up to us. We decide if we will develop and grow or if we remain mediocre. It is never up to the instructors or the masters. We must take action, do the work and create the vision of what we will become. Remember that the Dojo is a place to learn and train. The student who wants to get the most out of their experience should practice outside of the Dojo. Repetition is the Mother of all skill so when you have free time, practice. A few minutes here and there can make all the difference. And your instructors always know. They can see who practices and who doesn’t.
In Unity,
Be compassionate, show you care and express gratitude. Forgive others and help people in need
Make your community better by getting involved in community affairs. Stay informed; vote, watch out for your neighbors. Respect authority and volunteer.
Be honest, loyal, trustworthy and reliable. Do what you say you will do. Have the courage to do the right thing regardless of the risk. Build a good reputation. 
Be tolerant and accepting of differences. Address people with their titles (Shihan, Sensei, Sir, ma’am, Dr., etc…). Never initiate a fight or confrontation.  Always think before you act and practice good judgment. Use your manners and dont use profanity.
Stay focused, follow through and do everything in excellence. Maintain self-control, think before you act and take responsibility for the consequences of your words, actions, and attitudes. Set a good example for others.
Be open-minded to new ideas, listen to others and don’t take advantage of people. Don’t blame others unjustly and speak for those who have no voice.
Fitness Tips to Live By
    When  I started losing weight, I gained a fear of food. I ate tiny portions and little to no meat or carbs.  I thought it worked, but it wasn’t enough to fuel my body when I started a kickboxing class. I made it about 2 months before I started getting dizzy and couldn’t finish a class. I was 40lbs lighter than when I started my eating habits and I was eating 6 times per day. I was even taking vitamins but something was wrong. I sought advise from a nutritionist and was warned that if I didnt start balancing my diet, I would develop glaucoma. Reality check! The problem was, I was too active for my eating habits and I was only eating about 1/3 of what my body needed to maintain my active lifestyle.
    To reach your physical goals, maintain healthy body weight, stay fit, and establish proper reflexes, all of your body’s systems must be in tune. Without the right foods, physical conditioning and expert training arent enough to reach your full potential. 
   Our biggest mistake when we are hungry is to just satisfy the hunger with anything quick but we do our bodies a disservice because we dont give our bodies the proper nutrition. All the proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water work together. Each nutrient performs specific functions in your body and a lack of just one nutrient hinders your body. There is no “miracle food” or supplement that can supply all of your body’s needs.  The key is to balance your diet with a variety of good foods so that you get all of the nutrients you need everyday.
Tips For Healthier Eating
– Enjoy your food but avoid oversized portions
– Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
– Make at least half your grains whole grains.
– Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.
– Compare food labels in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals and choose foods with lower sodium.
– Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
For more information on proper nutrition and portion sizes, log on to

August 2011

August 2011
Words From the Grand Master
Hello Dojo Family!
Much has happened since we opened and I am pleased to announce our monthly news letter is now here to keep you informed about our triumphs, upcoming events and current specials.  
It is my goal to see families reconnected and children confident and capable of protecting themselves.  I want to see victims of abuse or assault being built up and given back the confidence and strength that was taken from them. I am so proud to see this happening everyday at our dojo.  I am proud of all of my students. You are all getting stronger and getting the martial arts into your bloodstream more everyday. Keep up the good work and Love the Journey.
Fitness Tips To Live By
Hydrate Your Life
Its no news to an Arizonan that staying hydrated is important. But what is proper hydration? Most of us grab a bottle of water on our way out the door and think we are doing great.
If you want to perform at your best in life, you’ve got to understand what it means to keep your body hydrated. Sweating away even just 1% of your body weight (1.5 lbs. for a 150lb person), can cause added stress on your cardio vascular system.  Losing 2-3% of your weight can impair your physical performance. Dehydration can also affect your mental sharpness and hand-eye coordination putting you at a disadvantage on the mat, in the ring, or in life.
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the following guideline for keeping the body hydrated.
Drink at least 16 oz of water 2 hrs before
Drink 5-10 oz every 15-20 minutes.
Drink 16 oz for each pound of body fat
The Dojo Within You

Martial arts demo 9-10-11

So we had a good turnout at our all day martial arts demo on saturday(9-10). The dojo family was present showing kicks, punches and all other aspects of Nikidokai. We did demos outside, held mini classes in the lobby and more demos before the movies began.

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Here is just a glimpse. and thanks for all the support!